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Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki Translation

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More previews. :D [Feb. 10th, 2008|06:08 pm]
Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki Translation




[User Picture]From: togabitoion
2008-02-14 10:41 am (UTC)

Re: Suggestion

Yay! Another Olivier fan! ♥ He's actually one of my issues with translating. I want to make sure he is portrayed properly, and his dialogue is so important to why he's such an awesomely lovable character. XD

However, how scripts are in pieces- little chunks of the game's text is, more or less, are packaged together throughout the game's data. We're just taking each little package as we get to it. Some taking longer than others (ie, magic, items, etc etc), but we've got people who can help with the quirky speech patterns and stuff (I have so much hate for Kevin in SC right now, for example).

This is going to be a patchable translation, as you can see. We're doing everything we deem necessary, Maps, diary images, combat, skills, and dialogue for both PCs and NPCs.

Especially in a game as story intensive as Sora no Kiseki. There are instances where you can get clues and major ideas of what the baddies are up to through the actions of NPCs and whatnot. They may not be /crucial/ to the game's story, but they are just as involved. The events through FC and SC together are world-changing for most of the residents of Liberl.

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